Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Form Your Own Art Club - Teens

Use this discussion board to "Form Your Own Art Clubs" and become a part of Alpine Arts Center's teen community! Clubs should have a minimum of 6 students, and can be scheduled Tuesday through Saturday at a time of your choice.  Clubs meet for a minimum of 6 week sessions. Club pricing is $25 per teen for 2 hour classes (for some mediums additional materials fees may apply). Once you find a group with similar interests, call Alpine Arts Center at 970-926-2732 to schedule! 

Class options are unlimited; consider these ideas or create your own theme: painting, drawing, cartooning, printmaking, clay sculpture and pottery wheel, variety class, jewelry, sewing, digital photography, encaustic (wax art), batik, silkscreening, art portfolio & more!

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