Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Form Your Own Art Club - Kids

Use this discussion board to "Form Your Own Art Clubs" and become a part of Alpine Arts Center's kids community! Clubs should have a minimum of 6 students, and can be scheduled Tuesday through Saturday at a time of your choice.  Clubs meet for a minimum of 6 week sessions. Club pricing is $15 per child for 1 hour toddler classes with a caregiver, and $20 per child for 1.5 hour kids drop-off classes. Once you find a group with similar interests, call Alpine Arts Center at 970-926-2732 to schedule! 

Class options are unlimited; consider these ideas or create your own theme: painting, drawing, cartooning, printmaking, clay sculpture and pottery wheel, variety class, jewelry, sewing, famous artists, art around the world, digital photography, art storytime, art in nature, recycled creations, realistic or abstract art, encaustic (wax art), batik, silkscreening & more!

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