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Private Lessons

Our instructors are some of the most skilled and experienced in the region.  Though they will undoubtedly contribute to your advancement as an artist through our regularly scheduled classes, one-on-one private lessons are another great way to take your talent to the next level.  You can request a particular instructor or just tell us what medium or topic you would like your private to address and we will match you with the perfect teacher.  

The fee for private lessons is $60 for one hour or $100 for two hours (for additional students please add $20 per person for hour lessons and $30 per person for two hour lessons ).  For some art mediums, additional material fees may apply.

Click here to schedule your private lesson. 


private painting   private with fernando

  wheel private jewelry private


In addition to our regular schedule of classes, events, and drop-in activities, Alpine Arts Center works with schools, organizations, families, and businesses in the Vail Valley to provide specialized programs that fit their specific needs.  If you have a particular program in mind that you would like to see launched at Alpine Arts Center, please contact us and we will work together to take the idea from a thought to fruition.  Here are some examples of the programs we offer throughout the valley.

School Programs
If you are a teacher, PTA member, or parent, Alpine Arts Center would love to partner with your school throughout the year. Some of the programs we have implemented with schools include class field trips to the arts center, bringing a guest artist into your classroom, offering weekly after school art classes at your school, assisting with art projects for school fundraisers, utilizing our gallery space for a school wide art exhibit, and offering enrichment art for select students.  We'll help you develop a cross-curricular art project to emphasize one of your current academic lessons.  You'll be amazed how we can reinforce any lesson plan through art and bring your classroom to life!  Please contact us to make arrangements.

Business Programs
Alpine Arts Center offers staff appreciation activities, team building workshops, and space rental for business events/presentations.  We can work within your budget to set up a memorable art class for your employees, or rent our facilities for your next business meeting to get your staff inspired and thinking creatively outside the box.  Please contact us and we will provide you with ideas and references.

Hotel Programs
Guests love being creative and making souvenirs to remember their trip to Vail or Beaver Creek.  Alpine Arts Center can come to your hotel weekly and/or offer individual classes to your guests; we can also create special classes for your guests at Alpine Arts Center.  Click here for details and pricing.

Gallery Series

The gallery series promotes local and national artists.  Currently we have numerous artists' work displayed in the windows and walls of our store that are available for purchase. If you are an artist and would like to hold a gallery exhibit at Alpine Arts Center, please contact us for more information and send samples of your work.

Community Outreach Program
Are you a part of an organization that would benefit from a partnership with Alpine Arts Center?  If you have an idea to spread the arts through our community please contact us to make it happen.

Internship Program
Our Internship Program provides a way for high school and college students to gain experience in a particular art field or to learn more about the basic business practices involved in running an arts center.  Credit hours and a structured format for internships will be determined on an individual basis to meet school requirements.  Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about internships.

Volunteer Programs
We owe a great deal of gratitude to the volunteers who donate their time to help make Alpine Arts Center a well-oiled machine. If you are interested in helping Alpine Arts Center with classes, programs, and events we would love to have you become a part of our team.  Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about volunteering.

Recycling Program
Do you have materials lying around your house that might make good art project supplies?  We love using recycled materials for our art projects because they are environmentally friendly and help teach our students new and creative ways to use everyday materials!  Alpine Arts Center gladly accepts items such as bottle caps and corks, fabric, yarn, paper, sea shells, pipe cleaners, cotton balls, plates, mugs, tiles, etc.  Please drop off these materials anytime!

Contact Us

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Phone: 970-926-2732
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Birthday Parties

art partyAre you trying to figure out where to hold your child’s next birthday party?  Search no more! Alpine Arts Center will help you throw an unforgettable party that is not only fun for all involved, but incredibly easy for you to plan as a parent.  We know how stressful these things can be, so we will do all we can to make this party headache-free!  We will set up and lead the party and will do all of the clean up after it is finished.  All you have to do is provide the cake!

Art parties are perfect for any age child, from toddler to teen, and party ideas are listed below to help you choose the perfect party for every age birthday girl or boy.  Included in the cost of the party are smocks for all who attend, decorations, supplies for whatever project you choose, silverware, plates, and napkins. Alpine Arts Center can also create an Evite for your party invitations if you supply us with an email list of the guests. 

Each party will last for 2 hours; an hour and a half will be designated for the project and a half an hour will be set aside for food, drinks, cake, and presents.  For a party catering to 10 children or fewer, the cost is $225.  For parties over 10 children, please add $10 per additional child. Please call Alpine Arts Center to discuss cost options for parties of more than 25 children.  

Did you know Alpine Arts Center can provide wine, beer, or mimosas to entertain the adults while the children play?  All alcohol must be purchased through Alpine Arts Center and served by our staff.

Please reserve your party day at least two weeks ahead.  Reservations are accepted on a first come first serve basis.  An $100 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your reservation and order necessary supplies, which will be applied to your final bill.

Schedule Your Birthday Party   

You and the birthday girl or boy can choose from a number of party projects.  Here are some ideas to pique your interest:

Toddlers and Young Artists:
Choose your child's favorite animal, movie character, or storybook and we'll create a party based on that theme. Consider themes such as "Prince/Princess Party" where we decorate crowns, tote bags, and wands/swords, "Butterfly/Ladybug Party" where we make butterflies and ladybugs out of construction paper, paint, and pipe cleaners, or "Finding Nemo Party" where children make an underwater mixed-media painting of their favorite scene from the move.  Kids will love being creative and their artwork makes the perfect party favor.  See below for a few more ideas!

IMG 1716 IMG 1811 IMG 2096 IMG 2106 IMG 2613 

Collage painting                               Snowman collage              Nemo/Rainbow Fish project             Animal quilt                       Princess castle painting

IMG 4836 IMG 4487 IMG 4826 IMG 4822-2 IMG 4057 

Princess tote bag                Western horse paintings                  Castle with dragon              Crab mixed-media collage               Lizard in 3D

IMG 2437   IMG 4550   IMG 2438   IMG 4045

Aspen tree sunset paintings        Young artists at work                       Picture frame souvenirs                      Beach party

Pirates’ Treasure Hunt

 (ages 5+):
This party is great for guys or gals. Each guest will decorate a wooden treasure chest with gold and sliver paints, sparkles and jewels. Then, while the pieces are drying guests will follow the clues to find the box of treasures and jewels. (Other pirate options: clay pirate masks, pirate ship/treasure chest paintings)

IMG 4187 IMG 4852 IMG 4839 pirateship IMG 2104

Treasure chests                              Clay pirate mask                 Underwater treasure painting          Pirate ship watercolor paintings        Fabric collage

Bejeweled Birthday (options for older or younger artists)
For younger artists, paint your own jewelry box and accent the top with jewels and glitter!  Then make a beaded necklace and/or bracelet to put inside!

For older artists, design and make your own fun and unique jewelry. Select from our wide variety of beautiful beads, or learn how to make your own! Each party guest will create bracelets, necklaces and more. *For metal jewelry making, additional materials fees may apply.

IMG 4838      jewelry      IMG 2651 

Jewelry boxes                                      Metal jewelry                    Wire jewelry rings

Recycled Robots and/or Creatures

 (ages 5+):
Each guest will create their own sculpture made out of exciting recycled materials!  Let your guests stretch their imaginations to find new uses for everyday objects and explore the world of 3-D Art. 

IMG 4849      IMG 3806      IMG 3337

Recycled robot                             Recycled robot party                     Made from computer parts

A Painterly Party (ages 6+)

Your guests will feel like Picasso and Van Gogh as they create original acrylic works of art on professional canvas boards. The birthday guests will choose between landscapes or portrait painting and learn about proportion, shading and color mixing. These masterpieces make the perfect party favor! *Canvas boards included; for stretched canvas additional materials fees apply.

IMG 4824 IMG 2708 IMG 4823 IMG 4833 photo 

Cats on a fence                               Bubble letter paintings              Owl painting                     Swirly tree                                     Starry Night

Clay Celebration (ages 3+):
The birthday boy or girl will choose from themes such as animals, dinosaurs, piggy banks, butterflies, prince/princess, hearts, and more, or create functional pottery such as picture frames, bowls, mugs, and flower pots.  (Note: guests will not be able to take pieces home that day due to the firing processes. The birthday parent will be notified when the pieces are completed.) *For clay parties an additional firing fee of $50 will be added.

 IMG 2094 IMG 4840 169359 IMG 4841 IMG 4846 

Animals, masks (age 6+)      Fish bowls (ages 3+)               Pottery wheel (ages 5+)     Sea turtles (ages 5+)                    Picture frames (ages 4+)

Paint Your Own Pottery (ages 3+):
Choose from tons of paint pottery items to pre-order for your birthday guests, or let each guest choose their own item from our store. To pre order, click here for the complete selection and then call or email us with item numbers. (Note: guests will not be able to take pieces home that day due to the firing processes. The birthday parent will be notified when the pieces are completed.) *For paint pottery pieces, an additional $50 firing fee will be added (for larger pieces there will also be additional pottery charges).

paintpottery paintpottery1 paintpotteryteen

Totally Tie-Dye (ages 6+)

Look totally groovy while you and your friends create your very own tie-dye shirts. Each birthday party guest will design a t-shirt at the party to take home and wear as a reminder of the birthday party.  After tie-dyeing, guests will get to do another art project such as watercolor, cartooning, or a large birthday party mural for the birthday girl or boy to take home!


Trains, Planes, & Travel to Outer Space (ages 3+)

Boys will love this party theme!  From painting and drawing to cartooning and sculpture, this party theme has no limits in creativity and imagination.  

IMG 2588 IMG 0386 IMG 2101 IMG 4821

To outer space                                Cartooning the planets                         Oh the places we'll go                      Thomas the train   

Create a Party:
Do you have another idea or theme for your birthday that we don’t offer? Let us know and we will come up with an art activity for you. Whether the birthday child likes animals, the outdoors, sports or fashion, we can develop a project around any theme. Below are a few custom requests for parties we have done in the past!  *Additional materials fees may apply.

IMG 4269 IMG 3075 IMG 3651   batik

Designer tote bags                                Fairy gardens                                       Sock monkeys                                             Batik

Summer Themed Parties

Stepping Stone Mosaics (ages 5+):
Create beautiful mosaic stepping stones to admire in your garden!  This party will teach you how to incorporate gems, stones, and other unique objects in a cement mold.  Once your mosaic is hardened it will be ready to be taken home, put next to your favorite flowers, and enjoyed for years to come. (Note: guests will not be able to take pieces home that day due to the drying processes. The birthday parent will be notified when the pieces are ready for pick up.) 

IMG 4850

Fly a Kite (ages 6+):
Decorate and paint your own unique design on a pre-made fabric kite.  Add accents and personal touches to your masterpiece, and then take it out and watch it fly.


Bird Houses (ages 6+):
Decorate your own bird house with acrylic paints.  Choose from tons of images, or create your own.  Then watch while your beautiful creation attracts even more beautiful birds!


Winter Holiday Themed Parties

Ginger Bread Houses (ages 5+)

Get sticky as you and your friends make houses and sculptures out of all sweet treats. Dig into frosting and decorate your house with m&ms, gumdrops, candy canes and more. This is sure to be the sweetest party you’ve ever had.

IMG 4596 

Winter Wonderland

 (ages 4+):
Using many different media, the birthday party boy or girl and guests will make special winter themed crafts. Decorate your own personal stocking; make snowmen, cookie plates, cards and ornaments to send to your friends and family. These projects are sure to make your holiday season brighter as they sparkle with glitter and creativity!

winterwond      IMG 2105      winterwonderland