Sunday, February 18, 2018

Vickie Deacon Supply List

Watercolor Painting – Supply List

Paints – tube style (I recommend M. Graham, Maimeri, or Winsor Newton)

Aureolin or Lemon Yellow                                            Quinacradone red
Alizarin Crimson                                                         Quinacradone gold
French Ultramarine Blue                                              Pthalo blue
Cobalt Blue
Veridian Green                                                             
Cadmium Yellow                                                   
Grumbacher Red, Winsor red or Cadmium Red
Cerulean Blue,  This color is best in Winsor Newton Brand
Sap Green or Hookers Green
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber
Yellow Ochre
Indigo or Payne’s Grey


#7 and #14 Round,  1 Inch Flat, 1 ½ inch Flat
(If  round brushes are good quality and come to a nice point when wet, you will not
need a small detail brush!)
One very stiff pointed brush – a cheap oil or acrylic brush –


2 to 3 sheets of 130lb. or 150lb. Cold Pressed paper.
(My Choices in paper:  1st - Saunders-Waterford, 2nd Fabriano, 3rd - Arches)

Please – No watercolor tablets – this paper is very difficult to paint on and you will be disappointed with your efforts.

I always have paper that you can buy if you are confused about paper.

Watercolor Palette – (If you are purchasing a new one, choose a larger round one with
deep paint wells and a cover and a large area for mixing)  I recommend Quiller pallets.

Support Board  approximately 18” x 24”
Masking Tape – NOT BLUE
Paper Towels
Drawing Pencil and Sketch book  - HB Pencil
Water container – Large with a flat bottom to prevent splilling
White Rubber Eraser, (No plastic erasers – and no gray kneaded eraser)
Old Credit Card cut diagonally from corner to corner
Masking Fluid – Winsor Newton is the best brand – NOT PERMANENT MASK FLUID
Square , rubber masking pick-up square.  (for removing dried masking fluid)
Hair Dryer                   
Optional:  table Easel

PLEIN AIR SUPPLIES (only needed for plein air watercolor classes):  French easel or watercolor easel, Jug of water for painting,  Stool – lightweight or collapsible,  Lunch, Bug repellant, sun hat

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